Mr RaySo, yesterday I nailed a mix for a produced-up version of Mr Ray’s track, Run. The original is here.

This has been a tricky project because of what Ray does. Part of what makes him so unique is his style of delivery – not just the mind bending weirdness of seeing him pull off the simultaneous beatbox + singing + playing guitar thing, but the intimacy with which he does it.

So any production I do on it needs to respect that, and I have to approach it carefully in case in my zest to elevate it with cool synth noises I lose the very thing that made it appealing to begin with. Also, I don’t want to add too much that can’t be reproduced in a live setting, which is where Ray truly shines.

So I’ve done my best to keep it as organic as possible while going nuts on it. I think I’m happy with how it came out.

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edit: find Mr Ray on the Intarwebz here.  Buy his stuff here.