newtown Newtown are an extremely interesting band from Johannesburg, comprising Pebbles (vox), Ryan (guitars), Amy (bass), LeRoy (sonics, guitars, sundry noodling), Doug (drums) and Ernest (trumpet). It may seem completely odd in this day and age, but this band actually plays real instruments, with extreme competence. Live, even.

This is my first of two remixes that I’m doing for the group, and it’s called Rises. The original is a slow, soulful, jazzy, laidback track, heavy on the brass and guitars. Naturally, I sped everything up by 20bpm, but I also ended up keeping a lot of the live elements of the track, which doesn’t often happen when I remix live material.

However, when you’re dealing with such quality musicianship, it’d be a crime not to use at least some of it. Granted, I chopped the guitars and the brass up and changed their time signatures (REX is a seriously underrated file format), but a lot of the resulting remix is pure Newtown. Wellllll … it’s Newtown, but not as we know it, Jim.

If you’d like to hear more Newtown, check them out on FaceBook, and watch their new music video on Vimeo.

Listen to it here:

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