fl-studio-logoAt the request of Jesus Prieto of USA Indie, I’ve created a new FL Studio tutorial. This one covers how to go about adding your own vocals to an FL project that you’ve created, and how to hear yourself back in your cans as you sing. Read it here.

As always, if you have a question about FL Studio, or audio production in general, you can request a tutorial here.

In completely unrelated news, we’re down a peacock. We acquired a purebreed staffy puppy about five months ago, and she’s turned out to be (apart from totally cute) a stone cold killer.

I let her out at 6AM to do her ablutions, and she scampered off to explore (as she does). Unfortunately, coming across the peahen still asleep was too much of a temptation for her, and she pounced on the poor creature and killed it. She was later discovered eating it on the front lawn.

The remaining peacock seems a bit depressed about the whole thing.