Facebook is a very unique environment. Not only can you scrutinise the minutiae of other people’s lives, but you can watch them installing viruses on their computers in real time. Fascinating.

Now, among my friends, I am “that guy”, the dude you ask when the compootar does that thing again. It gets tiring (and more than a little frustrating) repeating the same stuff over and over again, particularly since it mostly gets ignored the next time some jackass on Facebook purports to show you Who’s Viewing Your Profile, the Shocking Thing Someone Said, or OMG You Have To See This, all of which somehow involve clicking through to an external site.

Since I cannot – and, arguably, should not – prevent people from making mistakes they refuse to learn from, I’ve condensed my standard  recovery advice into a short article on how to take care of the problem of unwanted virus and malware infections.

Read it here.