Mass Love PrototypeIt is with no small amount of pride that I can now announce the launch of Mass Love: Prototype, the album that Lauren Moore and I have been working on for the last year. This very much a labour of love for us, and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Prototype is pure synthpop, with traces of orchestral and hiphop influences. It’s 13 tracks long, and weighs in a fraction under 50 minutes in runtime, which I think is a respectable length. You can get it from BandCamp and CDBaby, with iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, Spotify and a host of other websites to follow, as and when they get their act together. We decided against pressing physical CDs unless a demand presented itself – so please do let us know if you’re interested in acquiring one; if there’s enough interest, we’ll make ‘em for you.

This release had me thinking about how painful dropping an album was before the Internet became mainstream (also, I am old). The sheer expense of recording a thirteen track album aside, you also had to find a distributor willing to take you on, which usually involved alcohol, bribery, more meetings than a provincial government holds, and a fair amount of luck. You also had to press at least a thousand CDs, since most plants wouldn’t do a shorter run than that.

Today, it’s easier. Once you have a mixed master in your hands, getting it out there is as simple as uploading it to the distributor of your choice and paying an entirely reasonable admin fee. After that, all you have to do is wait a few days for it to show up at online retail outlets.

Which brings me to another interesting phenomenon that didn’t exist prior to the Internet: piracy. We launched this album on the 1st of February, initially via BandCamp, and we threw a listening party that Danielle Look of IndyMojo covered here. I delayed posting about it on this blog because I wanted to wait for it to replicate across all the major stores before announcing availability – seemed a silly idea to send people to look for a product they can’t find.

It took a week to appear on Amazon. It still hasn’t appeared on iTunes. But within 5 days, it was on most of the major torrenting and filesharing sites. Hats off to the pirates, you guys got it out there more efficiently than any of the professionals did.

If anyone reading this pirated our album, I would like to address you directly now.

First, thanks for liking our music enough to steal it – I take it as a compliment. I wouldn’t have put so much time and effort into making this album if I didn’t think these tracks were smoking hot, and the fact that you think so too, well, we already have something in common. Cool.

Second, I don’t subscribe to the idea that by you ripping a copy of the album off some dodgy filehost, you have cost me money. I am just as broke right now as I was before you downloaded it. You have made zero impact to me financially, because you were never going to pay for it anyway. That being the case, I would much rather have you as a fan than deny you a copy just because you won’t throw me ten bucks.

I think this album is fucking awesome. It’s the best work I’m capable of at this point in my career, so of COURSE I want you to have it. Why would I not?

Do me this favour, though: play it LOUD. This album was not written for low volume appreciation. I want your subs to be making the walls shake. And if anyone asks you what the hell this is, tell them it’s Mass Love, baby.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying, please go out and steal my shit. If you can afford it, I would obviously prefer if you buy it, because I am totally into eating regularly. This album represents every free moment I had for a year, and we did it without a budget or support from a label. Also I think I fucked up my left monitor speaker mixing this shit, it’s started to crackle. Spanked it too hard, I guess. Have to get some new ones.

But I still want you to hear it either way.

If you do decide to get legit, please consider purchasing via BandCamp. They let us keep a bigger share of the sale than any other distributor. Also, just so you know, the entire album is available to stream for free via SoundCloud.

Thank you for listening.