Would you like to appear on the next Mass Love album? We’re currently in post production on Phenotype, our third studio album, and one of the tracks wants a big-ass stadium of voices for a massive climax. To that end, we’re throwing this open to our fans, and to the public at large. The more voices we can get, the better.

If you’re willing to join the throng, download the backtrack segment, record yourself singing (beltier is better), and send a dropbox link or an email attachment to david.beukes@gmail.com. Don’t let lack of studio stop you – sing into your phone if you like. Almost any format will do, but 320kps mp3, FLAC, or 24-bit WAV is preferable.

The more of you we can get to pitch in, the bigger and more badass this finale is going to sound.

Grab the backtrack: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26215993/rise_up_chorus_91bpm.mp3

Say your goodbyes, raise a battle cry
Time to sound the alarm, eh, eh, eh
It isn’t enough
We need to rise up

Kiss your goodbyes, no more standing by
This is a call to arms, eh, eh, eh
We’ve taken enough
We need to rise up