Mass LoveMass Love is a collaboration between Indianapolis-based studio singer Lauren Moore, and me, based on a hill in the wilds of Limpopo. We make mostly synthpop, because of our shared love of the 80s, but it’s laced with orchestra sections and hip hop influences.

We live on different continents and in different time zones, and have never met each other in person – 99% of our interaction has been over email and IM. And yet our passion for music and dodgy science fiction has resulted in a creatively connected headspace unlike any other I’ve experienced, and I think the work reflects this. Lauren dances all over my sounds just as much as I wrap around her voice.

I’m old enough to think that it’s kind of cool that a long distance collaboration of this kind is even possible (also, get off my lawn). I mean, if we’d tried this in the 90s, it’d have involved posting CDs or DAT tapes to each other all the time. We’d never have finished it.

Our first album, “Prototype”, is currently available on BandCamp, CDBaby, and Amazon, with iTunes soon to follow (what’s the holdup guys?). Last I checked, you can also torrent it, though to be honest we’d prefer the cash – making music is thirsty work. You can also stream it right now, for free, from SoundCloud.

We are currently working on our second album – we’re six songs in at this point and still going strong. We hope you enjoy listening to our music as much as we enjoy making it.